What Exactly is Mobile VoIP?

mobile-voipA technology that allows voice calls to be made on smart-phones using Voice over Internet Protocol now a days refers to mobile VoIP. This technology don’t replace the ordinary cellular services on the cell phone, but these communication protocols are available as additional option to make international calls for lower prices. Read more »


The traditional festivals in Zambia give a perfect picture of the unique, colourful and diverse culture of the country. They reflect local values and traditions. Zambian festivals are enjoyed by the local population as well as the tourists who visit the country. Read more »

Four Great VoIP Apps for iOS and Androis OS

My opinion of the VoIP services, is that they can be used on smart-phones if you know how to avail from this. To bypass the mobile carrier fees, it will be a splendid idea to search for apps, which will allow you to use Wi-Fi or the network itself to make international calls, but only with VoIP charges. It is most certain, that this will low your bills, and all it is left is to enjoy the unlimited voice calls. Read more »

Galway and Its Beauty

galwayGalway is a city on the west coast of Ireland, located on the River Corrib between Lough Corrib and Galway Bay. Galway City has many tourist attractions which include museums, churches, galleries, monuments, historical buildings, gardens and parks. Some of the major landmarks of the city are: Read more »

Quebec – A Canadian Jewel

Quebec PanoramaThe capital of the Canadian province of Quebec is the city with the same name. A nice fact to know is, that the Old Town in Quebec is a protected World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is the only city north of Mexico, which still keeps its original city walls. Amazing, isn’t it? Read more »

Make Secured International Calls

If you are one of the persons having relatives and friends in Ireland, it is certain that you felt already the urge to call Ireland and it will become more often in time. Now, there are lots of ways to make cheap international calls and even sometimes for free via VOIP. Taking advantage from VOIP to make calls is really one of the greatest benefits of the internet telephony. Read more »

Internet Telephony: How to Make Cheap International Calls

If you had enough of your enormous bills made from international phone calls and want to get rid of them, you must say goodbye to your local phone company. But to make that happen and to reduce drastically your phone bills, you must get to check into setting up an Internet telephony system. Read more »

International Calling a Way to Stay in Touch With Your Friends

Since the phone was invented, along with fast development of technologies, people are given lots of variety of chances to get connected to each other in the very far away. However there are always problems that occurs when we decide to use a cell phone to make calls, specially if it is on long distance. Read more »

Cabo Corso a Small City with a Big Heritage

Cabo Corso or Cape Coast as it is known in the western world is the capital of the central region of the country. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Ghana. The city is located at 165 kilometers west from the capital of Ghana, Accra, on the Gulf of Guinea. Cabo Corso is famous with its scenery and that is why it is one of the preferred places for sightseeing in Ghana. Read more »

Maramures, the Region Where the Time Has Stopped for Decades

Folded into the Mara and Izei valleys in northern Romania is time-warped Maramures, a pastoral area where the medieval lifestyle persists untouched by the dynamic transformations that are occurring in the rest of Romania over the last few decades. Read more »

Mont-Tremblant a Resort That Can Take Your Breathe Away

Mont-Tremblant is a small village in Québec, Canada. This small village is known for its famous Mont-Tremblant Ski resort, which is located in the Laurentian mountain range. Mont-Tremblant which literally means Trembling Mountain is French, is surrounded by a lush boreal forest and has some amazing sceneries that can take your breathe away. Read more »

Cheap or Even Free International Calls

The number of people who need to call abroad and stay in touch with their relatives or friends in foreign countries is constantly rising. There are many options to make cheap international calls. Unfortunately they are connected with sharing credit cards or personal information. Read more »

Discount Calling Cards

Discount calling cards are an excellent way to call France and pay less money for the call taking pleasure of the convenient way of doing it. In order to take advantage of the service, one should better avoid payments by means of debit or credit cards. Read more »

Finding the Perfect VOIP Service Provider

These days it has become very important to find the perfect VOIP service provider. It is because every one needs to find a way to call Ghana cheaply. The good news is that there are many telecommunication services which make the international calling cheaper and preferable for many people. To present the whole process of VOIP calling, we will divide it into two separate steps. Read more »

The Best Way to Call Jamaica

Being abroad and far away from home is difficult. While being far away from your friends and relatives you feel nostalgic for your homeland. The only thing you can do about it is to try to keep in touch with your loved ones. Read more »

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